Gouranga Agambagish Best Tantrik Astrologer in Kolkata family tradition of spiritual activity started from the expertise of his maternal uncle Late Sri Sri Taraprosad Mukhopadhyay at kamarpukur village of Badangange, Hooghly. He was Started his Journey in this field at the age of 19 under his uncle supervision.

Gouranga Agambagish elder grandfather was a famous spiritual man named Sri Sri Rakhal Das Bramhachari who was appointed as a priest by order of Guru Bamdeb at Chittagong, Devi Pith of Chatteshwari in Bangladesh.

After the sacred thread ceremony (poite), He found a spiritual guru named Sri Sri Sankar Ram Agambagish, the brother of Sri Sri Shiboram Agambagish. They all resided at Maa Anandamoyee Ashram in Radhanagar at Khanakul in Hoogli district. After several tests conducted by his Diksha guru, He was finally given Diksha by his Gurudev. After some time he met Sri Sri Mangal Chakraborty (Agambagish) and  learned a lot about practice along with mothers’ blessing.

After long years of research he finally came down to practice. Astrology (Jyotish) was self learned by him. He also learnt Vastu, Tantra Shastra and Human Medical Astrology. He completed a Colour therapy and gemology course. He completed his certification in Astrology from the College of Astro Medical Research at Haripal (Hooghly) in the year 2005

Thereafter he researched about Tantra in Tarapith, Nolhati, Akalipur, Udaypur, AuttaHaasha Kankalitala (Birbhum), Devi kirriteaswary (Murshidabad), Devi Bhamri (Jalpaiguri), Kamakshya, Beneras, Trambokeswar, Sani Signapur, Rajrappa (Ranchi) and Vaishno Devi. Till now he has completed 32 Devipith and 7 Jyotirlinga Piths with proper ceremonial activities. As of now he visits kamakha after every one and half month and also Tarapith every month for performing Devi Puja, Chandi Path, Hom and Yagya. Though he had great admiration for the powers of his guru and the respect that he generated amongst the people, he always wanted to follow a different profession and became an Electro mechanical engineer.

But no one can change the destiny. He was destined to become a Tantrik Astrologer. It was only after his predictions for his friends and acquaintances like death predictions came true that he reverted back with the help of his spiritual power and his guru’s blessings. Since then he made numerous predictions, which were published in the National and Regional Dailies.

Due to his scientific background, the first few years he spent in detailed research and study of astrology, numerology, gemology, and Tantra. The Lal Kitab and various other ancient Indian treatises served as a fascinating cornucopia, which he explored along with an increasing clientèle whom he value as friends and followers today. After being awarded for research in Astrological positions and their effect on marriages, providing Astro-consultation to solve people’s problems has become the sole purpose of my life. “Can your astrological guidance change my destiny?” -A question he has been often asked by the client.

His reply is that at the right time, the right code of conduct and the right method to perform a task always aid success whether in a career, business, marriage or even life. He firmly believe in the Indian tenets, which say that the actions of our past lives determine the present and on the whole the events in our life are predetermined by the combination of stellar positions at the time of our conception, birth and then at the time of the happening.

“Can my astrological guidance change the course of events?”

No, but the right remedy, which can be as simple as expensive wearing a particular gemstone or as simple as feeding green fodder to some cows, etc. which can diminish the impact of a miss-happening or bring in pleasure back into your life after a span of discord.







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